Is Saros safe? Has Saros been audited?

Saros Finance is a decentralized platform, offering users privacy and control over their assets by taking power away from third parties like banks, brokers,… Saros does not ask users for personal information such as email, identity proof, or phone numbers.

To trade on Saros, users just need to connect to Coin98 Super App, which is a non-custodial wallet. As long as you keep the wallet recovery information carefully, your fund will be safe.

Furthermore, check it out for yourself:

  1. Take a look at the following Saros audits: Inspex's SarosSwap, Inspex's SarosFarm, others will be updated soon.

  2. Transparent:

  • Our platform is built on open-source software, and all of our Smart Contracts are publicly accessible for maximum transparency.

  • Our contracts are Solscan confirmed, so you know exactly that what you see is what you get. See more in detail:

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