Saros Super App on Extension

Store, send, and receive digital assets on Solana

You can conveniently store, send, and receive digital assets directly on Solana blockchain. With optimized transaction speed and gas fees, we ensure the best trading experience for all users.

Currently, our features are tailored to support specific projects on Saros Super App. However, we extend a warm invitation to new projects to collaborate and integrate with us, fostering a thriving ecosystem for digital asset management.

Login easily to your wallet with full functionality of connection

Create/import wallet

Creating a new Solana wallet or importing an existing one into our Saros Super App grants you seamless access to everything within the Solana ecosystem.

Social login

Easily access the Solana world by logging in directly with your social account.

We now support login options including Gmail, Email, Apple ID, and Facebook, ensuring a streamlined experience for all users.

Wallet watch-only

Our Watch-only feature enables efficient tracking of wallet activities, ensuring the utmost security and safety for your wallet address.

Access entirely to Solana World

You can access the most popular DApps on Solana with our Saros Extension. Everything is setting up.

At the moment, for builder easy to integrate, we are going to integrate Anza Wallet Standard into Saros Wallet Extension.

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