How to Add view-only wallet

Saros Extension Wallet allows you to add a view-only wallet when you have a wallet address.

Note: With a view-only wallet, you can only view your balances, assets, and transaction histories. Transaction activities are not possible.

Step 1: Access to Saros Extension Wallet

Step 2: Click on the Wallet section at the top left corner, then click Add at the top right corner or Add Wallet at the bottom;

Step 3: Click Add a view-only wallet to initiate a new view-only wallet;

Step 4: Enter Wallet Name, Wallet Address, and click Add to complete the process.

Once successfully adding the view-only wallet, you will be navigated to the Home Screen of that wallet.


  1. You can change the Wallet Name and remove the View-only Wallet.

  2. You cannot back up Seed Phrase or manage Connections with the view-only wallet.

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